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Clean Public Restrooms – Idaho vs Florida

First, why do we call them “rest” rooms? Or “bath” rooms? Granted, sometimes someone might take a bath or even go into one to rest a minute. But the vast majority of the time people go into these rooms to execute “Number One or Number Two”. The third most popular activity would be women adjusting […]


Transitions. Effective December 30th 2020 I am back in Florida.  We left Idaho and flew across the Rocky Mountains toward our first stop, Denver.                 The Southwest flight was 100% packed. Not one seat empty. I sat in the middle seat at the back of the plane, giving […]

Putting Faith in the World

It has been a turbulent year with fires, left wing riots, right wing violence, people of no particular party riots/protests, pandemic, lock downs and the most agonizing presidential election in my memory. So many people I know from the left and the right are afraid and stressed about the conditions of the country and world. […]

My Life Long Dream

…is to be  a recognized writer. To have published enough fiction or humor that I can honestly say that I am a writer. An author. This has been by one and only dream since I was about 11 years old. I had been telling stories, making them up on the fly, for years. As a […]

What is Depression’s Purpose?

I think a great deal, and wonder about things. Today I am asking the question, “Why does depression exist and what is its purpose?”  I guess that is two questions. Anyway, regardless if you believe in a Creator of the universe or just evolution, most things are here for a purpose. Eyebrows for instance, keep […]

Quick Drive to Blacks Creek Road

The sky was totally devoid of any hint of clouds today, so we decided to take a quick ride east of town.                     A nice short drive is to Blacks Creek Road near Bonneville Point.About 27 miles from our house. We take I-84 out there and […]

Masked Conversations

OK, this folks, is a true story. Last Monday I took my car into Meinake for service.  In the same parking lot is a bagel shop where I usually wait. The coffee is much better than at Meinake. I was working on a short story on my tablet but could not help but overhear the […]

A breath of fresh air

People react to a crisis in many ways. Thank God some people react by displaying hope and encouragement. Took a drive yesterday along Harrison Blvd in Boise, near downtown. This is a tree lined street featuring some of the oldest and most beautiful homes in the city. It is also home to the Boise wealthy […]

Covid-19 Flash Fiction

When not working on my novels I write Flash Fiction. Very short stories, usually less than 1,000 words. Some are micro-fiction, about 100 words. It must be a complete story. Writing flash teaches one to measure every single word to determine it’s worth to the story.  It is an excellent learning process. With the pandemic […]

A Crisis Brings Out Five Types of People

I’ve been around a few major crises. I guess my first was the Cuban Missile Crisis. Plenty since then including today’s pandemic. My observations show me that when the S*** hits the fan, people divide into five basic types. 1. The Givers:        Show compassion, and work to aid others in any way possible. 2. […]