The Things We Treasure

What is it with the things we save, the oddball items we somehow treasure?

1970. Miami Central High School. My senior year. My favorite teacher was my English teacher, Mrs. Barbara Jean Turner. She was a brand new teacher, one of the best, and actually only about five or six years older than I was then! Yes, she was hot. Unfortunately, that was back in the day when teachers didn’t have sex with students. I missed out on that.

Anyway, my secret student organization, KELOP, tried our best to tease certain teachers. We once carried her desk out into the hallway one morning before class. She walked in that morning calm and cool and without even looking up told me and my friends to drag her desk back inside. Very cool.

I was responsible for counterfeit library passes. Mrs. Turner caught me with one, and proceeded to write a note on the back. As was my plan! I knew she would do that, and sign it too, so I would have an excellent signature to copy! Unfortunately, she was very sharp, and did not sign her name, just wrote “me”. LOL

Yeah, this is the fake library pass.

My senior year was one of the happiest of my life. I was a senior! I was driving a 1960 green Plymouth Valiant. Stick shift. Slant Six engine. Roll down windows. Regular gas was .31 cents a gallon. I had a part time job so was earning my own spending money.

I found this fake library pass in a shoe box of other miscellaneous memories.  Photographs, ribbons we would wear to support the high school football team, other notes and things. I’m not even sure where my high school diploma is, but I know where that counterfeit library pass is!

Mrs. Turner is now in her mid seventies. But in my mind’s eye, she is still 24 and gorgeous. Always will be.

I received an “A” in the class, by the way.



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