About Me

Short Version: This is my personal blog. My home on the Internet. I blog about many subjects from technology to theology as well as personal entries about my life. I post some of my photography here.  Sometimes I post movie reviews but they are unprofessional and very personal, so probably not much use to anyone else.

Long Version: My name is Dart. About 1,000 guys in America may have that as their first or middle name. It can be short for “Darton”, an English word that means quiet, peaceful meadow. Or a deer park. Or a forest of deer or something else depending upon your alcohol intake. Obviously it is from England.  Or Scandinavia.

The word “Scape” means an extensive view, scenery, a picture or representation according to dictionary.com. Examples include Landscape, Waterscape, Cityscape, Mindscape, Moonscape, Seascape.

Thus, Dartscape is my view of life, the universe and beyond.  For those of you who are older than the hills, you might remember the very first graphic internet browser, called Netscape.  This was in the mid-1990s.  It was about that time that I purchased the domain name dartscape.com.  Decades later, the browser known as Netscape is long gone, but I continue onward!

Doing what?

Blogging about:

  • Technology, including computers, cameras, electric cars, personal drones and anything else that plugs in or runs on batteries.
  • Futurism .I’m a student of the past as well as the future.
  • The art of writing and my efforts to have more of my fiction published.
  • The art of photography and my efforts to have more of my photography published.
  • Bad movie reviews.
  • Random thoughts that soar into the energy ball I call my mind.

Jokes:  During the Pandemic Crisis of 2020 I started posting jokes. I have a somewhat English sense of humor so not everything I find stupid hilarious will make you laugh. Trigger Warning: These jokes may be considered “off color”.  If you are a Karen or extensively sensitive, I suggest you refrain from reading my jokes, or pretty much anything else on this site.

More about me?

  • Masters of Science degree
  • Bachelors of Liberal Arts degree
  • Worked 25 years in higher education
  • Worked a decade in bank management
  • Three years in real estate.
  • Three years worked for an atheist TV preacher.
  • Married with one step-daughter
  • I am a cat lover. Two currently
  • Born again Christian who actually reads the bible
  • Love science! Astronomy, Quantum Physics and Evolution
  • Politically independent. Dislike both parties
  • Love very old black and white movies
  • Jazz, classical or 1950’s 1960’s rock and roll
  • Born in Miami, Florida living in Idaho currently. Returning to Florida December 2020.
  • Worship coffee and coffee shops
  • Sarcastic
  • Cynical at times
  • Enjoy laughing and making others laugh.

Benefits of reading this blog:

  • You might read something interesting, but no guarantees.
  • All my posts are gluten free and totally 100% organic, low in fat, and Keto friendly.
  • My posts rarely cause rashes.
  • Occasionally one of my cats will write a guest post.
  • What the hell else you got to do?

Do me a favor?  If you read something here that you like, please leave a comment.  It helps me to continue on! You don’t want to see me go the way of Netscape, do you?