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Interpretation of Chuck Berry’s Lyrics

As a student of the bible as well as history I am often reading someone’s interpretation of something that was written many years ago. Let’s face it, what was written in the colonies back in 1637 might be difficult for us in the year 2023 to fully grasp. We have to relate it to what […]

Country Driving

I currently live in a very small, isolated town in Florida that is about two hours from the nearest real city. Driving here is more of a challenge for me than when I drove through Miami traffic. Sure, there were the occasional gun shots and fender benders in Miami, but the patterns were predictable, and […]

Oreo Cookie Hell!

What the holy living beaver hell has happened to Oreo cookies!?  I have not purchased Oreos in some time. Maybe years. That is because I am a fat man trying to not be fatter. I have been trying to lose thirty pounds for the last thirty years. Anyway, once in a blue full May moon […]

Insane How To Articles

It used to be if you needed to review an article to learn something, such as how to unclog a sink, how to photograph a hummingbird or whatever, the articles got right into it. Today there seems to be a trend to write articles longer than encyclopedias on the history of mankind itself. Or personkind […]

Bike Pump Hell

All of us have certain weaknesses. Some have challenges with automobile repair, some have difficulty dealing with government red tape, some can’t do math well. One of my major challenges in life is freaking stupid-ass blue donkey bicycle air pumps!!! I have experienced major battles with bike pumps in my history. By battles, I mean […]

Dumb Ass No More

That is what my wife told me. “Stop saying ‘Dumb Ass’!” Apparently I use that word frequently. Someone pulls out in front of me on the highway, “Dumb Ass!”. Someone posts something really, really stupid on Facebook, Twitter or Instacrap and I am frantically searching for the “Dumb Ass” icon to click on. Sadly, despite […]

Ten Gas Saving Tips

It is summer in America, prime driving season, and everyone is concerned about the outrageous price of gasoline at the pump. People are desperately seeking ways to squeeze an extra mile or two out of a gallon of gas. Never fear, my friends. After seven or eight seconds of intense research, I’ve developed The Top […]

Florida Has No State doughnut!!!

This is a crisis, folks. Louisiana has an official state doughnut, the Brignet! Massachusetts also has an official state doughnut, the Boston Cream. But Florida? The great and fantastic state of Florida? We have zip. Nada. No state doughnut. Not even a state donut. In 1986 the state of Louisiana officially made the Beignet the […]