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Transitions. Effective December 30th 2020 I am back in Florida.  We left Idaho and flew across the Rocky Mountains toward our first stop, Denver.                 The Southwest flight was 100% packed. Not one seat empty. I sat in the middle seat at the back of the plane, giving […]

Putting Faith in the World

It has been a turbulent year with fires, left wing riots, right wing violence, people of no particular party riots/protests, pandemic, lock downs and the most agonizing presidential election in my memory. So many people I know from the left and the right are afraid and stressed about the conditions of the country and world. […]

My Life Long Dream

…is to be  a recognized writer. To have published enough fiction or humor that I can honestly say that I am a writer. An author. This has been by one and only dream since I was about 11 years old. I had been telling stories, making them up on the fly, for years. As a […]

The Writing Mood

I am a morning person. At least, after my two mugs of strong coffee. I am exhilarated, just literally filled with creative juices. Unfortunately, mornings are a difficult time to write currently. Too many things to do other than writing, and I have responsibilities. When the evening comes, my wife goes to bed early to […]

What is Depression’s Purpose?

I think a great deal, and wonder about things. Today I am asking the question, “Why does depression exist and what is its purpose?”  I guess that is two questions. Anyway, regardless if you believe in a Creator of the universe or just evolution, most things are here for a purpose. Eyebrows for instance, keep […]

Horseshoe Bend Mill Pond

I took a spur on the moment drive to Horseshoe Bend as I haven’t been there in a few months. Discovered Rocky Road and Horseshoe Bend Mill Pond.

Succor Creek State Natural Area – Oregon

Succor Creek State Natural Area is about 60 miles from Boise just across the border into Oregon. The last 15 miles is on a dirt and gravel road that at times wasn’t easy to discern from the surrounding area. When I traveled November 6th the gravel was very loose, meaning my car could slide around […]


Linder’s Farms in Meridian Idaho has a ten acre sunflower farm. Visited them yesterday to take photos during one of their market days. I love yelow and blue, so this was made for me.