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Seeking a Book Agent.

Happy to report that my 70,000 word crime novel, Deadly Profit, is finished. In fact, I finished it seven or eight times. And then edited it several times and finished it again! Forty-three chapters, over seventy scenes. It is about a young, tech savvy former CIA Black Ops agent working as a private investigator under […]

Importance of a novel’s synopsis

Writing experts tout the importance of writing a synopsis for your novel. A synopsis consists of taking your entire 60K to 100K or more novel and boiling it down to 500 to 2,000 words. A short summary of what happens in your book. I have just finished my fourth draft of my crime novel, Deadly […]

The Characters are Alive!

I am experiencing something that is new to me. I have written dozens of short stories, blog posts, humor, even poetry. Finally making substantial progress on a crime novel, with over 40,000 words on paper. At about the 30,000 word point, something changed. Instead of me sitting down and thinking about the next scene in […]

Nihilism Fiction

I think I’ve talked before about how much of the fiction world in America today seems totally Nihilist. I read short fiction every day,and every day I shake my head at the negative stories. Stories about abuse, death, betrayer, despair, you name it. It’s one thing to just stop reading them, but I also write […]

A Finished Book!

I must have the first five chapters of a hundred books on my hard drive. I accomplished something this week that I have never done before. Finished writing a book! I am having a cover designed and soon will be uploading it to Amazon. I plan on an ebook and a paperback version. I am […]

Author’s Website or Blog?

People and small raccoons often ask me if my website is just a blog, or if it is an Author’s Website.  The correct answer is door number four – Both! I am indeed a writer. I have written over 200 poems, 100 short essays, the first four chapters of eleven novels, and over fifty short […]

My Top Ten Writing Distractions

1. Reading internet sites about how to write. 2. Formatting my manuscript. 3. Blogging about other things, such as photography, Boise, Florida, etc. 4. My cat Dewey. Teaching him new tricks, like sitting up and begging for treats. 5. Reading the Facebook writer’s groups 6. Searching for more online writer’s groups. 7. Reviewing the various […]

Best Laptop for Writers?

Good luck. I have not found one yet. A Google search will bring up dozens of websites that rate laptops, but all of them are making money off your clicks. Few of them even attempt to answer the question. They rate laptops on speed, hard drive access, software, CPU speed and screen brightness. Most anything […]