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Best Laptop for Writers?

Good luck. I have not found one yet. A Google search will bring up dozens of websites that rate laptops, but all of them are making money off your clicks. Few of them even attempt to answer the question. They rate laptops on speed, hard drive access, software, CPU speed and screen brightness. Most anything […]

Finding Fiction Markets – A Tedious Task

I want to write a nice interesting story and then have elves whisk it off my computer to submit it to the exact proper publication instantly. It would be nice if the story was automatically accepted and published for the world and galaxies to see within nine days. Sadly, and for me, regretfully, there is […]

My Life Long Dream

…is to be  a recognized writer. To have published enough fiction or humor that I can honestly say that I am a writer. An author. This has been by one and only dream since I was about 11 years old. I had been telling stories, making them up on the fly, for years. As a […]

The Writing Mood

I am a morning person. At least, after my two mugs of strong coffee. I am exhilarated, just literally filled with creative juices. Unfortunately, mornings are a difficult time to write currently. Too many things to do other than writing, and I have responsibilities. When the evening comes, my wife goes to bed early to […]

Short Story Published

I am happy to report another of my short fiction pieces has been accepted and published. I now have six stories published, and twenty-five other stories seeking publication. You can read my latest story at the following link: Floyd Got Raptured    

Editing Help

Every writer has their own style. A few people can sit down and write beautiful grammatically correct words from the get go. These people pound out pages and pages of ready to read words daily. Then there are people like me. A story bursts into my brain in full 3-D color. Then I have to […]

101 Words

One of my small successes in writing was having a 101 word story published in 101words. They publish 101 word flash fiction daily.  They wanted a rewrite and I worked harder on those 101 words than any other published fiction. Which is a good thing! The story was much improved. You can read it here. […]

My Top Ten Writing Distractions

1. Reading internet sites about how to write. 2. Formatting my manuscript. 3. Blogging about other things, such as photography, Boise, Florida, etc. 4. My cat Dewey. Teaching him new tricks, like sitting up and begging for treats. 5. Reading the Facebook writer’s groups 6. Searching for more online writer’s groups. 7. Reviewing the various […]