Author’s Website or Blog?

People and small raccoons often ask me if my website is just a blog, or if it is an Author’s Website.  The correct answer is door number four – Both!

I am indeed a writer. I have written over 200 poems, 100 short essays, the first four chapters of eleven novels, and over fifty short stories. I also wrote a daily blog for ten years.  Yes, I write all of the time. This doesn’t count the millions of memos and reports I wrote as a Bank Manager and then an Assistant Dean at a Florida university. Creative fiction? I could show you the quarterly reports I put out for 25 years in my university position. They were indeed creative and some verged on Science Fiction.

Published? Not counting my blog which had a decent number of regular readers, I have ten of my short stories recently published. I am actively working on several other short stories and three books:  A detective novel, a mainstream novel, and a collection of humorous essays.

So, writing is far more than just a hobby for me. Yet, I can’t say that my career or profession is writing, as I have little published evidence to support that as yet.  Perhaps avocation is the stage I am at now?

An author’s website, and certainly all of the writing classes, consultants and other people who make a living giving guidance to little published writers say you need an Author’s Website, looks like this:

Or maybe like this:

I wrote my blog anonymously and over a decade ago, so all I have to show as published is my ten short stories. That doesn’t make for an Author’s Website. So, this is a writer’s blog more than anything. Maybe one day I’ll have a few novels published along with my poetry and satirical essays so I can have just a plain Author’s Website. But not yet.