My Life Long Dream

…is to be  a recognized writer. To have published enough fiction or humor that I can honestly say that I am a writer. An author. This has been by one and only dream since I was about 11 years old. I had been telling stories, making them up on the fly, for years. As a smaller child, Mario and I would swap stories back and forth, making them up as we spoke. But when I was about 11 years old I actually saved up my money and purchased an Underwood manual typewriter. It weight as much as a small car. Pushing the keys down hard enough to press ink off of the ribbon took muscles for an eleven year old.

I had no idea how to type, so obtained some books on learning. I practiced “She sells sea shells along the sea shore” as well as something about a brown fox jumping over a fence. Whatever, I practiced and practiced. I could not incorporate all of my fingers, and touch typing escaped me. I used two fingers on each hand and occasionally a third or my thumb. Believer it or not, many years later when applying for jobs I always scored above 65 words per minute, at a minimum. Often I scored into the 70s. 

Of course, after learning on an iron Underwood typewriter, later on when computer keyboards came along, I still punched those keps like a monster. I wound up going through at least two keyboards a year. 

I actually submitted a couple of short science fiction stories to magazines, but failed to be published.


Then, real life hit. College, and then jobs. I spent many years as a bank manager and then 25 years as an Assistant Dean and Director of Financial Aid at a university. Working in management my whole life, I wrote probably 10,000 words a day just in emails and office memos, annual reports and so forth.

What this did was suck all the creativity out of my writing skills. As a young man, I could write beautiful words. But after decades and decades in management, I lost that skill.

Now I am trying to achieve that dream. I have written about 35 short stories, I have two novels hovering about the 30,000 word length, and I have a hundred pieces of poetry, as well as several humor pieces. I have published seven stories. 

So, I have a lot of work to do. I have taken an online fiction writing course, I have studied, I have joined a writer’s group. But I need to do more. I especially need to work on regaining that magic I had as a child with words. 

Wish me luck..