The Writing Mood

I am a morning person. At least, after my two mugs of strong coffee. I am exhilarated, just literally filled with creative juices. Unfortunately, mornings are a difficult time to write currently. Too many things to do other than writing, and I have responsibilities.

When the evening comes, my wife goes to bed early to read, and eventually sleep. I don’t hit the sack until at least 1AM. Often 2 or 3. So I have the entire evening, four to six hours, alone and unoccupied. Yet…my creative juices are bone dry. An empty tank.

I sit down at my computer and try to write, and it is as if I have regressed back to Cro-Magnon status. I can barely type out, “The sun was hot. My dog barked. I….whatever”.

I can barely form simple words. Certainly nothing creative at all.

But if I want to be a successful writer, I have to take advantage of the time I have available to write. So, I searched the Internet and have found some suggestions to get me in the writing mood.

  • Write 100 words of anything. Supposedly, according to this theory, the sheer act of writing out 100 words will jump start your creative juices.
  • Find something you recently wrote that needs reviewing and editing, and work on it.
  • Read some published works within your genre.
  • Toss back two shots of Bourbon.
  • Put on some weird ass music, something mystical or maybe even big band, whatever type of music that will wake up your creative monster.
  • Drink a glass of good Russian Vodka with olives and ice.
  • Dress in your writer clothes. No clue what this means, but I think hats are involved.
  • Change your location to change your mood. Move to the kitchen table from your office Sit in your back yard. Maybe the bathroom?
  • Drink more Bourbon and Vodka
  • Meditate about writing
  • Close your eyes and picture your work published, all your family and friends so proud of you, the Pulitzer committee texting you.
  • Try to give your cat a bath. Wait…no, don’t do that.
  • Mix your bourbon and vodka in the same glass!
  • What?
  • What am I writing?
  • My head is spinning, keyboard approaching damn fast.
  • ()MNJRU”ewttwe 77 swasrwewerwq
  • Ouch