Nihilism Fiction

I think I’ve talked before about how much of the fiction world in America today seems totally Nihilist. I read short fiction every day,and every day I shake my head at the negative stories. Stories about abuse, death, betrayer, despair, you name it. It’s one thing to just stop reading them, but I also write short fiction and try to get them published. I have eleven short stories accepted so far, but a good forty or more that sit on my hard rive waiting. They have been rejected at least a few times, and I don’t know where to submit them. My stories are humorous maybe a little positive even. So, they really don’t have a place in today’s literature.

Keep in mind that many of the fiction magazines are managed by MFA students. Young people, under 40. And if you google it, you will see that most Americans under 40 today are sad, depressed and confused. Nihilism has grabbed their souls and won’t let go.

Anyway, I created this 101 word story about being rejected by a publication. I posted it online at a private writer’s page, and surprisingly, almost everyone loved it! Yet, who will publish it? I doubt anyone.

Here it is.

My latest short story rejection:
“Thank you for submitting your well-written story, ‘Hope Soars’. Unfortunately, while your writing is amazing, your story hints at a positive outcome in life, and this is not a good fit with us at Nihilist Stories for Millennials. In fact, two of our editors were so offended by the trace of positivism in your story that they hyperventilated while reading it and passed out, knocking our Cold Brew coffee maker over onto our beloved comfort philodendron.
Since we are now down two editors, we ask that you refrain from sending further offensive submissions to our publication.
It made me laugh anyway.
Peace out.