Today, July 17, 2022, I submitted my first book to be published on Amazon, ebook and paperback version.

Within 72 hours I should see it for sale, assuming I did everything correctly.

It is an 84 page book of collected humorous essays about a Florida guy, me, moving to Idaho. Comparing the two states in what I hope to be funny ways.

I met a guy at a local writers group, Steve Liddick who encouraged me and somehow I started it about a month or two ago. The essays were already written, but I had to enlarge the book, proof and edit and rewrite, and then I had to create a publishing company. Tabebuia Press.

This is very scary as I hope I have not made a fool of myself to the entire world. (Except for Australia and Japan).

Total cost is $791.66.

$456.66 to established Tabebuia Press. This included fictitious name listing in newspaper, registering it with the state of Florida, buying ISBN numbers and so forth. The book itself cost me $335.

So I need to sell about 264 paperback books to break even. Or a shit load of ebooks.

But this was never about money.

I now have a publishing company, and a process to publish more books.

Praise God and Jesus Christ!