A Finished Book!

I must have the first five chapters of a hundred books on my hard drive. I accomplished something this week that I have never done before. Finished writing a book! I am having a cover designed and soon will be uploading it to Amazon. I plan on an ebook and a paperback version. I am a Florida native, born and raised in Florida. But I moved to Boise, Idaho in late 2017. The culture shock, plus the various other kinds of shock, stunned me. Boise is a fantastic and most special place. But the difference between South Florida and Boise were just astounding.

So I wrote 90 pages on those differences. Short humorous essays.

An excerpt:

The people in the Boise area differ from the people in Florida, especially South Florida, where I hail from. To begin with, they rarely shoot at you, which is a tremendous improvement. In South Florida, shooting at fellow drivers on the highway is legal, although hitting someone is frowned upon because it backs up traffic. This falls under the famous “Stand Your Freaking Ground” law in Florida, which says that every Floridian has the right to stand their ground, be it in a dangerous physical altercation or just someone butting in front of you in the coffee line at Starbucks.

Another one:

What to do after moving to Boise.

1. It is Boy-see, not Boy-zee! Do not leave your house until you have mastered this!
2. Swap out your license plate for an Idaho one. Immediately. This applies triple for Californians.
3. Remove all of your old bumper stickers. Apply a Dutch Brothers Coffee and Boise State Broncos bumper stickers.
4. Trash your fancy dress clothes. No one in Boise wears dress shirts and ties, not even the undertakers. Dresses are as rare as coconuts.
5. Buy a dozen pair of jeans and cotton long sleeve shirts. Men should also buy a hat, preferably one with a tractor on it.
6. Grow a beard. For women, this is optional, but every man must grow a beard.

I had a tremendous amount of help from a published author who runs the local writers group. I am now sorting through my hundred other pieces of novels and books and seeing what should be my next project. Having actually finished a book, and soon publishing it gives my confidence a huge boast!