Quick Drive to Blacks Creek Road

The sky was totally devoid of any hint of clouds today, so we decided to take a quick ride east of town.











A nice short drive is to Blacks Creek Road near Bonneville Point.About 27 miles from our house. We take I-84 out there and usually come back following Blacks Creek Road south of I-84.

We like it because we can get out to true wilderness quickly. One can remain on Blacks Creek Road north of I-84 and eventually wind up in the town of Prairie, Idaho. That is a stupendous drive!

But we only desired a quick drive and about a mile or so passed Bonneville Point is a nice patch of trees and some water where birds are known to hang out.

My goal was the Bullock’s Oriole. They were not cooperating much as it was about high noon and the sun’s rays were like laser beams.









I also managed to capture an image of a Pale Swallowtail butterfly.









The field across the street was littered with White Powder Puff flowers.




















Two A-10 Thunderbirds,  fully armed, flew over but were right in the sun so my photographs did not come out well. A few other aircraft flew over too, as we are not that far from the approach to Boise International Airport.

We got back at 2 PM, so a nice short ride.