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Horseshoe Bend Mill Pond

I took a spur on the moment drive to Horseshoe Bend as I haven’t been there in a few months. Discovered Rocky Road and Horseshoe Bend Mill Pond.

Succor Creek State Natural Area – Oregon

Succor Creek State Natural Area is about 60 miles from Boise just across the border into Oregon. The last 15 miles is on a dirt and gravel road that at times wasn’t easy to discern from the surrounding area. When I traveled November 6th the gravel was very loose, meaning my car could slide around […]


Linder’s Farms in Meridian Idaho has a ten acre sunflower farm. Visited them yesterday to take photos during one of their market days. I love yelow and blue, so this was made for me.  

Lucky Peak Drive

The wife and I drove out to the Lucky Peak area today to capture some pics. I was looking specifically for a male Goldfinch, and we found that right away. The rest was just more fun.

Quick Drive to Blacks Creek Road

The sky was totally devoid of any hint of clouds today, so we decided to take a quick ride east of town.                     A nice short drive is to Blacks Creek Road near Bonneville Point.About 27 miles from our house. We take I-84 out there and […]

F-15 Strike Eagles & A-10 Thunderbolts

To honor health care workers in the Treasure Valley two F-15E Strike Eagles from the 366th Fighter Wing and two 124th Fighter Wing A-10 Thunderbolts flew in a tight formation across the valley today, soaring over all of the hospitals one at a time. I found a parking garage that had a top floor open […]

Shaw Mountain Road

On the spur of the moment we decided to drive Shaw Mountain Road from Boise through the mountains to Highway 21, just past Luck Peek. The road itself was mostly in my imagination, but we made it.  

Pandemic Drive to Emmett, Idaho

Idaho is still on lock down, but we managed to escape for a few hours to drive through Emmett, Idaho  capturing on digital film whatever we could. We did not come within 100 yards of any other human being.