Transitions. Effective December 30th 2020 I am back in Florida.  We left Idaho and flew across the Rocky Mountains toward our first stop, Denver.









The Southwest flight was 100% packed. Not one seat empty. I sat in the middle seat at the back of the plane, giving a window seat to my wife a few aisles up. The next flight from Denver to Orlando, Florida was almost four hours, and yep, 100% full. Again, I had the middle seat.

Needless to say we waited a few days after we arrived and then got COVID19 tests.

We grabbed a hotel that accepted cats, and the next morning drove to our new house in the Placid Lakes area, SW of the town of Lake Placid.









Brand new house, literally finished a few days before we moved in. Metal roof, Windguard windows. Beautiful, and 99% good quality work. Sue was very happy.

But, what a transition from Boise, Idaho to South Central Florida! In culture, people,weather, family, friends and just about everything else.

Louie,one of my cats sits on the bed and his furry facial expression represents my feelings as well.