Succor Creek State Natural Area – Oregon

Succor Creek State Natural Area is about 60 miles from Boise just across the border into Oregon. The last 15 miles is on a dirt and gravel road that at times wasn’t easy to discern from the surrounding area. When I traveled November 6th the gravel was very loose, meaning my car could slide around a bit if I accelerated or turned too sharply. I was driving a 2013 Kia Soul. I strongly suggest you drive something larger, such as a all 4 X 4 truck or some other vehicle designed for off road work. However, my Kia Soul performed splendidly in getting me from point A to point B, despite the road vanishing at times.

Please note that should you venture down this 15 mile stretch you should be prepared to take care of yourself should you somehow become stranded. Cell service was non-existent. Fellow travelers rare. So, bring along emergency food, water, blankets, fire arms and maybe even a day or two’s worth of prescriptions. Honestly, since driving a few miles outside of Boise i almost any direction can place you in a remote area, you should always have these supplies with you.

This is a map showing how far it is from Boise.

My photographs from the day’s drive is in the gallery below.