Editing Help

Every writer has their own style. A few people can sit down and write beautiful grammatically correct words from the get go. These people pound out pages and pages of ready to read words daily.

Then there are people like me. A story bursts into my brain in full 3-D color. Then I have to somehow convert it from my brainwaves into words on paper. Then I have to reread it at least twenty times, editing as I go. I then submit it to a closed Facebook Writers Group where my colleagues will rip it to shreds. I then rewrite it. And then edit it. Trust me, this is not a pretty process. But for me, it is effective.

To aid my editing, I use a piece of software called prowritingaid.This is an awesome program that scans your writing and offers corrections as well as improvements. You can find repeated words, sentences that are too long and dozens of more complex grammar scans.

This is just a brief view of some of the options:




I have reviewed several editing programs and have found this to be the best for my writing needs.

If you write as I do, you may want to check this out. Or find a similar program.


PS:  I do not receive any benefit, certainly not any monetary benefit from any product that I recommend.