101 Words

One of my small successes in writing was having a 101 word story published in 101words. They publish 101 word flash fiction daily.  They wanted a rewrite and I worked harder on those 101 words than any other published fiction. Which is a good thing! The story was much improved. You can read it here.

I submitted another one two days ago that I had been toying around with and finally finished. Waiting to hear back from them.

I wrote another one over the past two days. It needs to rest for a day and then I will edit it and if I think it is good enough submit that.


The attraction of writing micro fiction?

1. The challenge. Story must have a beginning, middle and end. The challenge is to find a story that can be told in only 101 words. So, we are not talking about War and Peace. The trick is to find a core concept or thought that is worthy enough of being called a story. But not a concept that is too small, otherwise you don’t have a story at all.

2. The word count makes me examine every single word to determine if it is required, necessary, helpful. I am surprised how many words are not necessary. This helps me learn better writing skills.

3. I can complete it over a short period of time, and that success of writing a completed story, no matter only 101 words, gives me a boost. If it gets published, a huge boost!

4. C’mon,  101 words means I have less opportunity to screw up the story!



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