02 – Why?

Why move to Idaho? Every person who knew we were moving from Sunny Alligator infested Florida to Boise, Idaho, asked “What?” After explaining to them that Idaho was actually a state in the union and was not Iowa, then they asked, Why?

On paper it seemed like a no-brainer to me. We were living in a small 2 bedroom 1 bath house in east Pembroke Pines, Florida, which is SE of Fort Lauderdale and NW of the City of Miami. The two counties, Miami-Dade and Broward were actually one gigantic urban area. The legal population back in 2017 was about 4.5 million people. Counting the illegals and homeless as well as others the U.S. Census Bureau doesn’t count because they are inept, there is more like 6 million people residing in the area. There are more than 25 states where their entire population is less than that of these two Florida counties. Now, toss in the tourist. Over 120 Million tourist visit Florida each year. While many hit the Central Florida area, the SE tip of the penis, I mean state of Florida, receives plenty.

I worked a mere 12 miles from my home and it took me on a slow day, 40 minutes of highway driving to transverse those few miles. Most days an hour. Returning home in the late afternoon/evening it was an hour to 90 minutes, except on the days when there was a shooting on I-95 or an 18 wheeler tipped over, and then it could take all night.

Dinner? Any restaurant worth it’s beans would be 105% packed by 4:40 PM. On Tuesdays. Forget Friday or Saturday, where even the local dumpster behind Subway had a full reservation list.

The snarky comment about a shooting on I-95 above? Not fake news. Happens more often than one could imagine. Do me a favor. Google “Shooting on I-95 South Florida” and you will see article after article of road range and gang shootings on I-95. It’s pretty common.

True story. Before I left I was driving north on I-95 from work in a tremendous Florida summer thunderstorm. Dark clouds, rain so thick you could barely see the bumper ahead of you. And gun shots. Some ass clown about a mile ahead of me had stopped his car in the middle of the road, got out, and started walking south in the rain shooting randomly. Sad for him, there are hundreds of police officers who work in Miami-Dade County but live in Broward, and take I-95 north in the evening rush hour. So, practically every fifth car on the road was an off duty armed police officer. Needless to say, the whack-a-doddle who was prancing down the highway shooting was dealt with rather quickly, and permanently. But the ensuing traffic jam meant I didn’t get home until almost midnight.

Overall, crime of every imaginable sort was rampart in South Florida. Hell, we sometimes had cops shooting at cops! But drive by shootings, burglaries, robberies and everything else was totally out of control. (Still is, by the way.) One gets weary of the police helicopter flying in circles above your neighborhood over and over. So, the intense over crowding and the crime were two reasons to move.

Concrete congestion. The wife and I are nature lovers. There was concrete from the Atlantic ocean all the way west to the edge of the Florida Everglades. Solid concrete. Strip malls, office buildings, warehouses and so forth. Going out to experience nature took a long car drive.

Did I mention hurricanes? Every summer we had to prepare for these wind and rain monsters.

Costs. Everything is more expensive in South Florida. Auto insurance agents require a lean on your left kidney to insure your car. Property taxes and house prices were skyrocketing. Groceries and nearly everything else was high.

So, in light of this, when I looked at Boise, Idaho, I saw:

Less than 1 million people in the entire state!
Crime almost non-existent. While in South Florida we had seventeen locks on every door and window, an alarm system and furniture stacked against the doors each night, people in Boise didn’t even know how to lock their front doors! And they often left their garage doors not only unlocked, but open all night! The biggest crime at the time was shop lifting and they would send the SWAT team after them!

Nature was literally everywhere. Gorgeous mountains and valleys, rivers and fields.

Everything cost less there. We sold our 2/1 dumpy house in a crowded area of Florida for well over $200,000 and were able to purchase a nice 3 bedroom, 2 bath, double car garage in a wonderful Boise neighborhood for $187K.

Boise was a very small city, but had Target, Costco, beautiful shopping malls, a large university and plenty of high tech companies such as Micron and HP.

I also had family there.

Looking at the two comparisons, it really seemed like an easy decision. For me anyway.

So, off we went!