The Secret: Dare to Dream (2020)

Director:   Andy Tennant

Writers: Bekah Brunstetter (adaptation), Rhonda Byrne (book) 

Stars:  Katie Holmes, Josh Lucas, Celia Weston, Jerry O’Connell , Sarah Hoffmeister

Type: Romance/Drama/Inspirational

Violence: None, just a hurricane and tree falling.   Sex: A couple of kisses and hand holding Drugs/Alcohol: A couple of beers, glass of wine.


If this is based on Rhonda Byrne’s book then the writers must have read the Russian version while drunk. In other words, it really is not based on it at all. If you are one of Byrne’s positive energy groupies, you will absolutely hate this movie. Just stick a plastic fork in your left eye and move on. It will be less painful for you.

However, if you are looking for a romantic movie with some positive thoughts tossed in, this is your movie.

Synopsis: A widow struggling to get by in Louisiana after her husband dies in a small plane crash five years earlier meets a mysterious man who talks about positive thinking a bit and is trying to deliver an important looking envelope to her, but never gets around to it until it is too late. In the mean time, he helps her out by fixing the bumper of her car, and patching her roof. The acting was professional and the plot didn’t have any obvious holes, and even thought I knew she and he would eventually get together (as they always do in these movies) I couldn’t figure out how it was going to work out.

Josh Lucas played his part well with a smooth sounding calm voice while Katie Holmes was excellent as the struggling widow with three kids. I though two of the kids, Sarah Hoffmeister  and Aidan Pierce Brennan impressed me. I didn’t notice the sound track so can’t even tell you if there was one. The photography was decent though nothing to write home about.

When I watch a romance movie, be it a comedy or drama, I absolutely expect if not demand that at the end everything falls into place and true love wins. So, yes, it had a sappy ending, but I want sappy endings, so I am happy.

I would say this is one of the better romance movies I’ve seen. I would give it a 3 1/2 stars on the Dartometer.