01 – Introduction

This is a book of short humor. Short in length, hopefully not in humor.

I was born and raised in Florida. I was fascinated with Boise, Idaho for decades since it was so different and I had family there. I visited often. I thought I wanted to relocate there, and on paper, Boise looked perfect. So I dragged my wife and cats to Boise, Idaho. (Not Iowa). I was not prepared for the differences that you can’t see on a four day vacation, but become critical when you actually live in a place.

This book is about how a life long Florida native tried to make the adjustments necessary to live in Boise, Idaho. It consists of short humorous essays about that process, as it also points out the significant differences between Florida and Idaho.

Benefits of buying this book?
1. It might make you laugh.
2. You might learn something. Maybe.
3. This book is 100% organic and Gluten free.
4. The humor here is Free Range and low in carbs.
4. Reading this book won’t give you a rash. Usually.

Who should buy this book?
1. Anyone who likes short funny essays.
2. Anyone in Florida who is interested in Boise.
3. Anyone in Boise, or any other place, interested in Florida.
4. Pretty much, anyone else.

My sarcastic humor may seem rough at times, but trust me, I love Boise, I love Florida. No disrespect is meant to either place or the weirdos that live there.

I hope someone gets a chuckle out of some of the things I write about.