Christmas Catch 2018

Directors   Justin G. Dyck
Starring    Emily Alatalo,  Andrew Bushell, Franco Lo Presti, Lauren Holly
Genres   Romance (Rom/Com)

Warnings: Pretty clean flick with little violence, sex or drugs.

This is your standard Rom/Com so you already know how everything ends. You want it to end that way. Why else do you watch a Rom/Com?

Synopsis: In a small town the police department is a family affair, with detective Mackenzie Bennett working for her mother, the police chief, played by a goofy Lauren Holly. Holly can play all kinds of roles and this one is pretty fluffy. Anyway, the FBI contact the police to help catch a diamond thief. Detective Bennett goes undercover to trap him, but falls in love with him instead.

This of course takes place during Christmastime.

Supposedly Mackenzie is a total flop at dating. The girl is absolutely beautiful, and I watched the entire movie just to see her in it, so, that part is sort of lame. The suspected diamond thief is handsome enough but I was not impressed with his acting. It was competent at best in my humble uneducated opinion. Not enough to ruin the movie though.

The plot is not too creative and there are a few holes in it, but again, this is a silly Rom/Com so my expectations were pretty low.

Despite that, it was a good enough movie to keep me watching and I did enjoy it.  Overall I would give this movie a 2 out a 5. It was predictable and the plot had a few holes and I didn’t like Lauren Holly playing a goofy police chief. Emily Alatalo was nice to watch though. Beautiful and cute, and she played her role well.