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If Automotive Repairs Mirrored Medical Care

What if your automobile mechanic operated like medical care? Hmm…I am imagining several possible situations…. Mechanic: Sir, your battery is weak. So we duct taped a second battery to the outside of your front fender and ran wires to your engine. Customer: What? Can’t you fix the battery? Mechanic: No, this is our best option. […]

Insane How To Articles

It used to be if you needed to review an article to learn something, such as how to unclog a sink, how to photograph a hummingbird or whatever, the articles got right into it. Today there seems to be a trend to write articles longer than encyclopedias on the history of mankind itself. Or personkind […]

Bike Pump Hell

All of us have certain weaknesses. Some have challenges with automobile repair, some have difficulty dealing with government red tape, some can’t do math well. One of my major challenges in life is freaking stupid-ass blue donkey bicycle air pumps!!! I have experienced major battles with bike pumps in my history. By battles, I mean […]