Category: Poetry

BI vs AI

(C) 2020 by Howard Dart Humeston   BI Before Internet. People were restrained as voicing controversial opinions could earn them a knuckle sandwich.   Talk about anything except Religion, Politics and Money. People were pleasant even the assholes. When some idiot jackass who nobody even knew, did say something offensive, at best three people knew, […]

Please Knock, It’s Cold!

(C) 2014 by Howard Dart Humeston Our door, which is usually open wide to greet both you and the Florida tropical breeze is closed today so please knock. It’s cold! We are not being rude nor pretentious we are the same friendly people you know. Somehow the temperature has dropped to the fifties! And this […]

Reflected Worlds

(C) 2016 by Howard Dart Humeston   Amazing how beautiful reflections inside mud puddles can be. Stale water left over from a rainstorm displaying a whole new world, if inverted and upside down. Cartoons when I was a small lad would have people jumping into that other world. Perhaps these reflections are God’s way of […]

I Caught a Peanut!

(C) 2017 by Howard Dart Humeston I have a peanut. Yeah! I have a peanut in my beak! My breakfast is fulfilled my life this second thrilled I have a peanut! Yeah!

I still Have Coffee

(C) 2021 by Howard Dart Humeston   The crisp breeze blows dry leaves into a spiral scattering them down the road  as life had twisted my dried out soul  nudging me down that same  death laden path.    At my age so many of life’s diversions have evaporated, expired.  Romance, sex, sport, aspirations and goals […]

Sky Cross

(C) 2014 by Howard Dart Humeston   Driving north on the interstate I see the sun behind a church It’s tall cross embedded in the light Or, is the light of the cross Illuminating the sky? A symbol so misinterpreted  So maligned So hijacked It’s true meaning total acceptance Total love Total peace. Arms outstretched […]


(C) 2015 by Howard Dart Humeston   Art moves the soul like Johnny Cash fingers would thrill guitar strings. Like Elizabeth Hainen makes harp strings create new souls. Art is subjective So are souls…..

The Cat at the Vet

(C) 2011 by Howard Dart Humeston I’m only a cat I know that very well. Spending half a thou on me wasn’t your plan. Cats are a dime a dozen You can find another one easy. Cheaper. After all I am only a cat. I only ask you to consider one thing A tiny little […]