Category: Photography

Lucky Peak Drive

The wife and I drove out to the Lucky Peak area today to capture some pics. I was looking specifically for a male Goldfinch, and we found that right away. The rest was just more fun.

Back Yard Birds

Birds photographed recently in and around Boise, Idaho. Most of these were actually in our back yard in west Boise. The hummingbirds were in the mountains though.  

F-15 Strike Eagles & A-10 Thunderbolts

To honor health care workers in the Treasure Valley two F-15E Strike Eagles from the 366th Fighter Wing and two 124th Fighter Wing A-10 Thunderbolts flew in a tight formation across the valley today, soaring over all of the hospitals one at a time. I found a parking garage that had a top floor open […]

Shaw Mountain Road

On the spur of the moment we decided to drive Shaw Mountain Road from Boise through the mountains to Highway 21, just past Luck Peek. The road itself was mostly in my imagination, but we made it.  

Pandemic Drive to Emmett, Idaho

Idaho is still on lock down, but we managed to escape for a few hours to drive through Emmett, Idaho  capturing on digital film whatever we could. We did not come within 100 yards of any other human being.

Barns & Structures

Practicing more “social distancing” today by driving through the vastness of Idaho. Grabbed a few photos of old structures.  

Elmore County Drive

One of my favorite half day trips is to take I-84 east and exit onto Blacks Creek Rd, following it into Elmore County. Eventually it starts following the South Fork of the Boise River. The views are spectacular regardless of the season. Eventually you will arrive at the lovely town of Prairie and the Y-Stop […]

Kuna Mora Road Shoe Mystery

The Kuna Mora Road Shoe Mystery is a 2.5 mile stretch of lonely highway SE of Boise where dozens and dozens of shoes rest on top of fence posts. Perhaps as many as a hundred, or more. They have been there as long as most people can remember. No one knows, or at least, will […]

Drive to Placerville, Idaho

Don’t let these straight lines fool you. None of the roads were straight longer than 100 feet. They were all winding roads through the mountains and forests, with not one guardrail in sight. But it was a magnificent drive. Our primary destination was Placerville, Idaho.  We drove up Idaho 55 to horseshoe Bend and then […]

To Silver City – Almost

Out today for a drive along the Owyhee Front we discovered the road to Silver City, Idaho. Silver City is not open now, but we were excited by the views and the smooth pavement at the beginning. Also, the sign that warned travelers if they passed it and had to be rescued that the cost […]