BI vs AI

(C) 2020 by Howard Dart Humeston



Before Internet.
People were restrained
as voicing controversial opinions
could earn them a
knuckle sandwich.


Talk about anything except
Religion, Politics and Money.
People were pleasant
even the assholes.

When some idiot jackass who nobody even knew,
did say something offensive, at best three people knew,
including the
guy who landed a right cross
into their teeth.
no one else heard.



After Internet.
Some fool no one knows
says something terrible
and the entire world
knows instantly via social media
and hordes of other nameless nobodies
counters with their hate
and vermin spewing forth

which brings out the original fool’s defenders
who spew own their hate
infused spittle.


So today we are exposed 24 hours a day
to dumbass people spewing hate and anger into the world
while extremist try to ban everyone

Someone please
punch me right in my head.