Fourteen Steps to Avoid a Speeding Ticket when Stopped.

Most people don’t get pulled over by the police for speeding very often. But sometimes it happens. I have a system that dramatically improves your chances of receiving a warning instead of a ticket. Granted, not speeding is really the first thing you can do. Then again, there are speed traps where the limit goes from 55MPH to 25MPH suddenly. Cities make a ton of money off of the traffic infraction fines. Anyway, here my Fourteen Steps to Avoiding a Speeding Ticket.

Step One: Be white. I can’t emphasize this enough. Every time I got pulled over being white was an advantage. So, if at all possible, try to be white.

Step Two: Put your turn signal on and pull over right away, finding a very safe area to stop so the police officer doesn’t have to stand along the road writing you the ticket. They appreciate that.

Step Three: Roll your front windows down and turn your car off.

Step Four: Get your driver’s license, registration and insurance card out. I always keep the registration and insurance card clipped together easily accessible in my glove box.

Step Five: Put your car keys on your dash board in plain sight. This let’s the police officer know you are not likely to speed off.

Step Six: Put both hands in plain sight on top of the steering wheel or even the dash. Have your driver’s license, registration and insurance card in your hands.

Step Seven: Remain calm and try to put a smile on your face. Greet the officer when he/she gets to your window.

Step Eight: Very important! When the officer arrives at your window, resist the urge to say, “I’ll like a Whopper, fries and a chocolate shake”. This is surprisingly not a time for humor.

Step Nine: Don’t start talking. Let the officer lead the conversation.

Step Ten: Don’t admit to anything!

Step Eleven: Do not whine. Do not argue. Do not deny wrongdoing. Do not beg. Be friendly and calm.

Step Twelve:  If the officer offers you a warning, thank the officer profusely. Wish the officer a safe and good day.

Step Thirteen: Do not peel off and speed until you are out of the officer’s district.

Step Fourteen: Worth repeating, Try your best to be white.