Interpretation of Chuck Berry’s Lyrics

As a student of the bible as well as history I am often reading someone’s interpretation of something that was written many years ago. Let’s face it, what was written in the colonies back in 1637 might be difficult for us in the year 2023 to fully grasp. We have to relate it to what was going on at that time, what the culture was, the meaning of words in that time period, and so forth. So, my cat Dewey and I were discussing this and he suggested I write something about it that might give someone a couple of giggles. Both of us enjoy giggles, although I actually prefer a full blown loud laugh, but whatever.    One of my favorite tunes of all time is “Roll Over Beethoven” by the amazing and fantastic Chuck Berry! He wrote the music and lyrics to the song in 1956, and while many other artists since I have recorded it, his is still the best!  Dewey agreed, but then ask me, “How would someone hundreds of years from now understand the words to that tune?” And that started me going! 



Sadly, not much remains from the earth civilization prior to the destruction of 2050 and our ability to interpret what was left for us is weakened by the centuries that have transpired between then and now.

As original source documents are recovered from our Old Earth Archaeological Excavation Teams we forward them to our Universal Old Earth Analytical and Translation team on Mars.  I am pleased to report a recent document was retrieved, and our team has provided us with an interpretation as follows.

“Roll Over Beethoven” was apparently a correspondence written by someone called Chuck Berry to his financial investment officer, named Beethoven.   Within the letter, he frantically gives financial instructions while suffering from the fever of the pandemic that devastated the world in 2049. This document was found but it’s exact date of creation is unknown. What follows is our best interpretation.

Well I’mma write a little letter I’m gonna mail it to my local DJ
Interpretation: A little letter would be a lower case e or c, something similar.  “gonna” appears to be slang for going to. “Mail” we aren’t sure about. Perhaps some sort of electronic communication transmission technique. We think a DJ was some sort of entertainer of sorts. Overall, we do not understand the meaning of this passage, other than it related to communication.

Yeah, it’s a jumpin’ little record I want my jockey to play
Interpretation:  Something is jumping, we don’t know what. A “Jockey” rides a horse, and what he would play while riding the horse is confusing.

Roll over Beethoven I gotta hear it again today
Interpretation: This appears to be instructions to someone named Beethoven to renew a financial investment, such as “roll over the certificate of deposit”.

You know my temperature’s risin’ the jukebox blowin’ a fuse
Interpretation: Obviously related to the various pandemics they experienced, and “jukebox blowin’ a fuse” related to the strain on their electrical grids.

My heart’s beatin’ rhythm And my soul keep a-singin’ the blues
Interpretation: Apparently the author assured Mr. Beethoven his heart and cardiovascular system was good. Soul was a type of African American music and blue was a color. We don’t understand the meaning though, as yet.

Roll over Beethoven Tell Tchaikovsky the news
Interpretation: Another request to renew their investment and to inform another person about the matter.

I got the rockin’ pneumonia I need a shot of rhythm and blues
Interpretation:  Apparently, a weird strain of pneumonia, which makes our previous discussion about the pandemics during this time period valid.  A shot could be inoculation. Perhaps the serum was blue in color.

I caught the rollin’ arthritis Sittin’ down at a rhythm revue
Interpretation: Extreme complications from the pandemics. A ‘rhythm revue” perhaps was a place to treat erratic heart beats.

Roll over Beethoven They rockin’ in two by two
Interpretation: Further financial instructions. Apparently, the author wanted to double their investments

Well, if you feel and like it Go get your lover, then reel and rock it Roll it over then move on up just A trifle further and reel and rock with one another roll over Beethoven dig these rhythm and blues
Interpretation: All of this appears to be specific financial renewing instructions. Although some thought it could be a medical treatment. Everyone agreed the author was suffering from the effects of fever from the pandemic.

Well, early in the mornin’, and I’m givin’ you my warnin’ Don’t you step on my blue suede shoes Hey, diddle diddle, I’ma play my fiddle Ain’t got nothing to lose. Roll over Beethoven and tell Tchaikovsky the news.
Interpretation: This is reference to a warning in the morning, fearful of someone stepping on their shoes, which could mean interfering with their transactions. “diddle diddle” our team has no clue about. A fiddle was a musical instrument although why the writer would go away to play that instrument in the middle of imparting financial instructions we can only guess at. Further instructions to inform the other party, someone named Tchaikovsky.

You know she wiggle like a glow worm Dance like a spinnin’ top She got a crazy partner You oughta see him reel and rock
Interpretation: Descriptions of the effects of the terrible pandemics. Apparently, an associate of someone developed mental illness too.

Long as she got a dime The music won’t never stop
Interpretation: This refers to a minuscule monetary amount. What this has to do with music starting or stopping is difficult to determine, but perhaps the writer, his condition worsened by the pandemic was feverish at this time.

Roll over Beethoven Roll over Beethoven Roll over Beethoven Roll over Beethoven
Roll over Beethoven, dig these rhythm and blues
Interpretation: Fever and delirium has seized the author as they are worried about rolling over their investment into another term.

While it is impossible to derive much from this correspondence, it is clear that the author, even in his or her feverish and sicken condition in the middle of the pandemic, was only concerned about their investments, money. As we have taught in Old Earth History 101, the love of money was the root of all evil.

A side note. As our interpreters read the words over and over three of them started tapping their toes and one starting drumming their fingers on their workstations. Another jumped up and started swirling about and we had to have our security team remove them.

We don’t understand how the Old Earth pandemic could be transmitted through actual documents, but we must take precautions. As such, we will be limiting our physical handling of such source manuscripts.

-The end-


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