A New Writer’s Fear

We all have fears. As a new writer, I fear I am totally worthless as a writer. I feel that my dream of being a published writer is just a dream, a fairy tale, nonsense, a game. So, I put off writing for something that is not silly, like mowing the lawn or surfing the web. I have published five short stories and have 34,000 words written in my novel, so obviously I am not totally inept. But I have more rejections than acceptances, so this propels my fear. And fear stops me from writing. And not writing makes me less published, and that makes me afraid of being a failure. What a distorted emotional mess, eh?

When I was very young I felt that I was just too immature, too young to be a good writer, and I had my regular career, wife, etc. Now that I am old, I fear I am too out of touch with the younger readers. Meaning anyone under 50. No way I can keep up with millennial’s who just finished their Master of Fine Arts degree. And I don’t have a goal of keeping up with them. I just want more of my ideas and stories to be published. I am still waiting for the day I can justifiably call myself a writer.

So today I am reading some very good articles on writing fear. Maybe you want to read one or two yourself. Have at it.

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The Secret Fear of Writing – And How To Subdue It Every Time – Writetodone

8 Bold Ways to Overcome Your Fear of Writing The Write Practice

If you write, what keeps you are the keyboard?



PS: Typewriter image borrowed from https://www.pegcheng.com/fear-and-writing-course/

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