35 Degrees, Sept 29th.

Well, you know it is cold outside our Boise home when one of our cats, Dewey, decides to get under the covers.  We woke up today to 35 degrees. First time this “winter”. Up until two weeks ago the temperatures were in the 90’s and the desert laser beam sun was frying the landscape. Evenings were a comfortable 55 degrees. Then, BAM! Winter staggers into the valley.

I’ve always loved cold weather. In Florida. That is because Florida can be hot and humid 365 days of the year. When it does get “cold” there, we are talking about maybe 50 degrees. I loved it.

However, I have discovered that there is a significant differences between how 50 degrees feels compared to 35. And guess what, in a few weeks we may be getting down to the teens!

Florida will once again be our home, soon I hope.


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