Novel Update

I have 34,113 words completed now. My story got stuck then ran off the road into a ditch. It took me some time to haul it’s ass back into the writing road. Then I had to make a serious change in the direction of the story and that required rewriting the last four or five chapters. So, I am not much further along the road to publication, but I feel better about the story.

What makes revisions easy for me is using Scrivener software. This is just the index of my chapters. Notes next to each one to jog my memory. But I can dive into chapter 22 and totally rewrite it, then move chapters around or edit other chapters. Being able to move a chapter from 21 to 18 in the blink of my left eye is awesome.

Of course, there is a global search feature so I can search by character name, location or any other word or collection of words.

I need to be organized, and this really helps. Now on to chapter 31!

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