Month: September 2019

101 Words

One of my small successes in writing was having a 101 word story published in 101words. They publish 101 word flash fiction daily.  They wanted a rewrite and I worked harder on those 101 words than any other published fiction. Which is a good thing! The story was much improved. You can read it here. […]

My Top Ten Writing Distractions

1. Reading internet sites about how to write. 2. Formatting my manuscript. 3. Blogging about other things, such as photography, Boise, Florida, etc. 4. My cat Dewey. Teaching him new tricks, like sitting up and begging for treats. 5. Reading the Facebook writer’s groups 6. Searching for more online writer’s groups. 7. Reviewing the various […]

Shoshone Falls, Idaho

Last Sunday Suze and I met a good friend for breakfast in Twin Falls, Idaho and then proceeded to Shoshone Falls Park. It is about a two-hour drive from Boise, mostly on I-84 with an 80 MPH speed limit. In the mornings the highway is pretty empty so cruising along is easy. Afternoons the 18-wheelers […]