101 Words

One of my small successes in writing was having a 101 word story published in 101words. They publish 101 word flash fiction daily.  They wanted a rewrite and I worked harder on those 101 words than any other published fiction. Which is a good thing! The story was much improved. You can read it here.

I submitted another one two days ago that I had been toying around with and finally finished. Waiting to hear back from them.

I wrote another one over the past two days. It needs to rest for a day and then I will edit it and if I think it is good enough submit that.


The attraction of writing micro fiction?

1. The challenge. Story must have a beginning, middle and end. The challenge is to find a story that can be told in only 101 words. So, we are not talking about War and Peace. The trick is to find a core concept or thought that is worthy enough of being called a story. But not a concept that is too small, otherwise you don’t have a story at all.

2. The word count makes me examine every single word to determine if it is required, necessary, helpful. I am surprised how many words are not necessary. This helps me learn better writing skills.

3. I can complete it over a short period of time, and that success of writing a completed story, no matter only 101 words, gives me a boost. If it gets published, a huge boost!

4. C’mon,  101 words means I have less opportunity to screw up the story!



My Top Ten Writing Distractions

1. Reading internet sites about how to write.

2. Formatting my manuscript.

3. Blogging about other things, such as photography, Boise, Florida, etc.

4. My cat Dewey. Teaching him new tricks, like sitting up and begging for treats.

5. Reading the Facebook writer’s groups

6. Searching for more online writer’s groups.

7. Reviewing the various new markets.

8. Testing out new novel writing software.

9. Contemplating attending a writer’s group or writer’s conference.

10. Writing “My Top Ten Writing Distractions

I don’t know if this is a true story or not. And sadly, I cannot recall who it pertains to, just that it was a famous author at the time. It took place probably in the 1950’s. I want to say it was Hemingway, but I can’t be certain, and Google and Bing are letting me down right now. Anyway, there was some sort of huge writer’s conference, and the auditorium was filled with writer wannabes. The keynote speaker was this great and famously successful author. The story goes that after an introduction and standing ovation, the famous author walked to the center of the stage, looked out at the hundreds of writer wannabes, and said this. “Why aren’t you home writing?” And then walked off the stage.

Whether it is a true story or not, I think there is some validity to the concept that if we all spent more time writing, we might become more successful. I’m not saying courses and workshops are not important, as obviously one needs to learn the skills necessary to write well. I am saying that today, with the internet and cheaper travel, potential writers can become overwhelmed with so many distractions. Attending local writer groups, attending workshops and conferences, participating in online writer forums to name only a few.

An excellent real life example: I sat down at my desk about 9 AM this morning. It is 1:45 PM now, and so far I have updated the WordPress themes and plugins on this very website, visited several writer forums, tested out yet another novel writing program, checked email and Facebook, wrote this blog post, made a sandwich (Roast beef, cheese, onions with loads of mayo and mustard) and sadly, I have not even loaded my novel file!

Almost five hours sitting at my desk, and guess what? Not one freaking word written on my novel.

So, my goal is to schedule time each day where I am committed to nothing, absolutely nothing but writing my novel.

Wish me luck.

Speaking of luck, I was just on google and saw that…..well, never mind. Gotta write.