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I’ve been writing my novel using LibreOffice Writer and have been very happy with the result. I was using the Navigation panel to list the chapters on the left. I could click on a chapter and my main page would then take me to that chapter. It was working well. Until it wasn’t. Somehow I did something and all of the chapters disappeared. The left navigation panel remains, but all of my chapters there are gone. My novel is still intact, as one very large 32,000 word document. I tried calling up a previously saved file, but the same thing. Apparently I changed some setting and now I just can’t see those chapters in the left panel. No matter what file I load. I spent about a week searching Google and reviewing LibreOffice to try to figure out what the setting was, and how to change it back. To no avail.

I really liked using LibreOffice as I could load the file in any device I had. My Windows tablet, my Linux laptop or my desktop. I saved it to my Onedrive. It really worked.

I’ve been a Microsoft Word user for decades, as my job required that. I knew it pretty well, despite them changing the controls every few years. But I’ve never had the same comfort level with LibreOffice. I am sure with time I would become comfortable. But until then, I am switching to Scrivener. I already had a purchased and registered copy so I am moving my novel over to that platform. I toyed around with Ywriter a bit, and was impressed, especially with it’s import features. But for some reason I just like the interface from Scrivener better. When it comes to actual writing, it is more comfortable for me.

So, over the last couple of weeks I have not actually written anything. As my struggle with software ebbs I hope to gt back to actually writing!

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