Flash Fiction Update

I am happy to report that a very short piece of flash fiction, 101 words to be exact, has been accepted for publication by 101words.org. Tentative publication date is May 2, 2019.  I was surprised and encourage by the quantity of time one of the editors dedicated toward my small little piece of creative writing. It left me with the impression that they really care about the quality of the pieces they publish.

A writer’s life is often a lonely life as the classic cliche goes. Like many cliches, it is based on truth. This is especially true with new writers, or old writers that are rarely published. Or some such combination. I know I fit into one of those categories. I think I am old and rarely published, so that could be it. Whatever, it has been some time since I received an acceptance, so even this tiny one encourages. Sometimes that is all it takes, just a crumb of an encouragement to push a writer into high gear.

I also sold four photographs today from my Fine Art America site. Grand total of about $30 profit, but hey, again, an encouragement.

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