Month: July 2019

White Water Adventures

Drove up Idaho 55 along the Payette River. Caught these crazy people on kayaks and rafts blasting through white water and might I add, boulder filled rapids! Amazing job they did!


One reason for this blog is to teach myself components of writing. Like what the heck actually are chapters, and how should they work? The issue of exactly how to use a chapter has haunted me for years like a deranged yapping poodle.  Chapter One is easy. But when do I break for Chapter Two? […]

Lavender Festival in Kuna

The annual Lavender Festival in Kuna, Idaho is a must-see event. It is not just a magnificent field of lavender, which is enough in my book. It is actually a U-Pick Lavender field! People can sign up and receive a pair of scissors and a basket so that they could then enter the fields and […]