Photographing propeller aircraft is a special challenge. For starters, I am usually holding a very large and heavy lens, so have the shutter speed a bit high in order to compensate for camera shake. Tripods don’t work well as the darn aircraft move so fast!

But the fast shutter speed freezes the propellers and they look stupid. What aircraft flies across the sky with their propellers not spinning? Soo…..I have to use a much slower shutter speed, but that means I have to figure out how to hold the camera and lens steady while following the aircraft across the sky. Setting the camera to shoot several times a second helps, as usually one of them will come out OK.

I am not happy with this one as I think I should see more of the propellers. It seems I made them almost disappear.  There are many other problems with this image, but then again, I’ve only bee photographing aircraft since this summer, so I have much more to learn.